Perhaps no broadcaster has ever threatened to quit his job more than Charles Barkley. There’s also, perhaps, no broadcaster that we’re okay with threatening to quit more than Charles Barkley. This is because, if Barkley does quit he’s going to do something amazing and entertaining, like run a team or be governor of some state, and if he doesn’t quit… well then, more Barkley on TV!

Sir Charles again announced his future plans on Waddle & Silvy on ESPN Radio earlier this week. The full quote was transcribed by The Score, and it goes to show you that Barkley remains committed to finding another place in basketball:

I think people know I wanna be a GM and I’m going to be a GM.

You know, I got two years left on my television deal and I told TNT that I’m probably gonna let it go after two years. Not that I don’t love my job, I got the best job, I just think 17 years is long enough to do anything, to be honest with you.

You know, when I took the job, I told them I was gonna do it for four years. I’m in year 15 now. And I think 17 years is long enough to do this job. I love TNT, love working with Ernie, Kenny and Shaq. I don’t have a Plan B, I wanna be a GM, I’ve made that perfectly clear.

I think Charles is genuine, as he is with everything he says. He would be dearly missed in broadcasting, because Inside the NBA could probably go head-to-head with almost any late night TV show in terms of humor, candor and insight. The show would suffer greatly from his absence.

But the time is probably now, if he wanted to make a career change, to go make it. If it blows up in his face, he will be welcomed back to television with open arms. Let’s not forget that Chuck has made this threat before, but I sincerely hope he does take a shot at a GM role soon, because it might be even more exciting.

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