Though Fox Sports Live was their nightly centerpiece from the start Fox Sports 1 made it clear that their intention was to bring sports studio shows to other dayparts. A new broadcast will bring more of a general sports feel to the network in late afternoons. Previously, it had mostly been sport-specific shows and good ol' Regis. 

America's Pregame will premiere April 7th on FS1. Hosted by Mike Hill, the network describes the show as "designed to be a fun and fast-paced look ahead, America's Pregame answers for fans: Who is playing? What’s at stake? Where can I watch it? When is it on? Why should I watch it? In short, it sets up the evening’s viewing with a dash of news and analysis when needed."

FS1 will use a ton of FSN and Fox-owned regional network talent to supplement the broadcast. However, the press release did make the pointed remark that "viewers learn what’s important and why they should watch, no matter what network is televising it." That seemed like a well-placed shot at a certain sports network. 

So what's this mean for the rest of the FS1 schedule? Fox Football Daily will be pushed out of its usual timeslot for now. A Fox Sports representative told AA "there are no plans right now for FFD to return, but things could change as the football season gets closer." NASCAR Racehub stays put at 4 PM ET and Crowd Goes Wild continues at 5 p.m. ET. With those two shows and the addition of Mike Francesa in the early afternoons, the network will have live sports programming from 1-7 p.m. ET every weeknight, even when there aren't live game broadcasts. It's a lineup that has seen a lot of evolution from FS1's mid-August launch.

Fox Sports 1's daily lineup starting April 7th 

1 p.m. ET – The Mike Francesa Show
4 p.m. ET – NASCAR RaceHub
5 p.m. ET – Crowd Goes Wild 
6 p.m. ET – America's Pregame

And Fox even has a trailer for the new show…

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