In the daily beat reporter business covering college football, the quality of your day is dependent on the responsiveness of your head coach. The sport has those who gift a reporter with quirks and quotes like Steve Spurrier and Les Miles. Others have to deal with coaches who would rather have a root canal than speak to the media.

At least for Notre Dame week, Michigan head coach Brady Hoke has fallen in the latter category. Nick Baumgardner, Michigan football beat writer for MLive Media Group, has become justifiably sassy this week when referring to Hoke and his lack of openness.

The Wolverines’ coach has odd theories about football:

He apparently isn’t talking about injuries.

Hoke also skipped out on another radio show appearance, but would he have said anything worthwhile?

He doesn’t want to show his hand as far as offensive lineman schemes go, and answers in the most Perd Hapley way possible. This coach says his team possesses an offensive line and they will be doing the blocking when the team is on offense. Baumgardner has thoughts.

And finally, Baumgardner tweets what we all want to say at some point or another.

If your subject isn’t going to give you any material to work with, you may as well have some fun with the job for him.

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