Notre Dame RB Cam McDaniel became an internet sensation as "Ridiculously Photogenic Running Back" thanks to the above picture of his stoic grin when losing his helmet against USC.  It's shot him into internet celebrity this week for various human interest stories and clickbait.  It even got him a weird interview on The Today Show.

I love the first question from Today of whether or not it's a real photo.  Of course it's real!  Unless Getty, the AP, and USA Today are resorting to photoshop jobs replacing real sports photos these days.  It's as real as Michigan Derp Face Girl or any number of great snapshots in time.

It's a great photo, maybe even one of the best sports photos in recent memory, but I wonder if McDaniel is starting to get just a bit creeped out by all the attention, culminating in his Today Show appearance.  This is less of an interview and more of a glorified two minute stalking session on national television:

"Can you see us drooling?"

"Can I have your phone number?"

Hoorah for journalism, woo!  

At least NBC can lean on the wonderful synergy here with an attractive Notre Dame star appearing on their morning show.  At least it beats Manti Te'o sitting down with Matt Lauer and talking about make believe girlfriends.

Thank goodness this interview took place via satellite for McDaniel's own safety.

[Video via Guyism]