Vote for Your Week 13 Pammy Nominees!


Here's all of your Pammy nominees for Week 13 after the jump…

1) You have to admire the fact that Franklin wanted it to be incomplete." – Matt Millen (via danielf2009)

2) "Every point is going to count in this game, you have to believe that." – Gary Danielson (via sctvman)

3) "That's an ejectment." – Todd Ellis (via sctvman)

4) "That was pretty funny that he caught on fire." – Joey Harrington on a jacket igniting from a sideline heater (via baldryan)

5) "They had their butts in the air and they were coming hard." – Glen Mason (via twojman)

6) "Not so fast, Maxwell Smart!" – Lee Corso (via sctvman)

7) "I played in some of the coldest climates imaginable." – Desmond Howard (via sctvman)

8) "He threw that from a rocking chair." – Petros Papadakis (via awkwardsport)

9) "Like the immortal George Costanza said, it's not a lie if you believe it." – Rece Davis (via eppingerkevin)

10) "What's happening?  I'll tell you what's happening.  In technical terms? Guys are doing stuff." – Matt Millen (via SI_DougFarrar)

11) "You've just got to do what you do and keep doing it." – Gary Danielson (via claytonebarnett)

12) "Where did this drive start from, the one inch yard line?" – Desmond Howard (via sctvman)

13) "Trying to dial up an Iowa touchdown with a 21-21 advantage for… no one." – Kevin Kugler (via firedbyeveryone)

Vote for your Week 13 Pammy Nominees! (Vote for up to 5)

About Matt Yoder

Award winning sportswriter at The Comeback and Awful Announcing. The biggest cat in the whole wide world.

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Vote for Your Week 13 Pammy Nominees!


We've reached the last full week of the regular season.  Although Matt Millen and Gary Danielson have the top two spots pretty much wrapped up, there's still valuable rankings and Pammy BCS spots on the line.  See this week's actual nominees and vote after the jump…

1) "And Pedono's field goal is up and no good, Correction! It s good, it dosen't matter what i thought, as the referee's got the call right." – Carter Blackburn (via CUbsfan)

2) "Offensively, when you run the quarterback it's like an extra man, because defensively, you don't account for him." – Matt Millen (via machineexmessiah)

3) "Getting congratulations from Charles, I mean Matt Barkley" – Tom Rinaldi interviewing Manti Te'o (via EppingerKevin) 

4) "That's a big one. That's the 15-yard variety." – Matt Stinchcomb (via morganwick) not realizing there are no 5 yard facemask penalties anymore.

5) "Landry Jones had 2 words for him- thank you man." – Maria Taylor (via chifan414)

6) "Swagger, a word I don't like." – Sean McDonough. (via sctvman)

7) "Pressure up front is what causes Michael Rocco to flush himself to the left." – John Congemi (via sctvman)

8) "A windy, coldy…cold day." – Mike Patrick (via rangermanone)

9) "Chaminade sounds like a exotic beverage" – Ray Bentley (via jleimer)

10) "Watch him use his eyes to look this way" – Kirk Herbstreit (via jasonschrock)

11) "Michigan's now got more turnovers than a bakery shop" – Paul Keels (via Jrohmeo)

12) "Lighthearted, zero disrespect to Longhorn Nation, some of the best fans in college football." – Jesse Palmer apologizing for daring to show hook 'em horns upside down (via AA)

13) "Tennessee is a pretty good defensive team" – Andre Ware (via CaptTouchback) Tennessee allows over 35 points a game and is the 108th scoring defense in the country.

14) "Not sipping that beaver juice anymore?" – Desmond Howard to David Pollack (via mminnix74)

 Vote for your Week 13 Pammy Nominees! (Vote for up to 5!)

About Matt Yoder

Award winning sportswriter at The Comeback and Awful Announcing. The biggest cat in the whole wide world.