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Matt Millen has led the Pammies countdown since Week 2 of the season, but there's actually a chance he may be passed here in Week 10 by the late charging Gary Danielson.  Can the CBS scribe gather enough points to catch up to Millen and take top spot?  That's up to you.  Here's all of your Pammy nominees for Week 10 after the jump…

1) "Scott Van Pelt went to Coral Gables to take the measure of Johnson." – Chris Fowler (via ccfmrf)

2) "The reason this game means so much is because it means so little." – Gary Danielson (via pbpjasonlieser)

3) "The pitchfork is being applied to the Cougar's rear ends right now." – Rece Davis (willcarter27)

4) "They're doing a nice job formationing." – Andre Ware (via sctvman)

5) "When you don't have anyone to grind against, you grind against yourself." – Glen Mason (via rdubs007)

6) "Paqui Kelly, for a long time, a coach's head wife." – Alex Flanagan (via elevennc)

7) "That offensive line just wiped out that proud offensive line." – Gary Danielson (via markgLSU)

8) "Whenever I'm in East Lansing to eat a meal, I like to leave East Lansing and go to Holland, Michigan." – Todd Blackledge (via GerdOZone)

9) "Mariota has a lot to do to get in my Top 5 for the Heisman." – Tony Barnhart, someone paid to talk about college football (via JaRomney)

10) "Back in Columbia, the capital of the Show Me State." – Steve Levy, who has never been to Jefferson City (via dirtydstl)

11) "BLOCKED… nope… got it!" – Craig Bolerjack again struggling with field goals (via morganwick)

12) "I can't even count to 29." – Jesse Palmer (via robertdedgcomb)

13) "Williams has both quickness, acceleration, and power." – Kirk Herbstreit (via kevin_tucker_)

14) "Can the Canes get something going in the second half? Come on back!" – Brent Musburger with Miami trailing 38-14 in the 4th Quarter, surely there's a gambling reference in there somewhere! (via chrisboudi)

15) "Why don't you bitch about the coaches." – Lou Holtz (via JasonGrefer)

Vote for your Week 10 Pammy Nominees! (Vote for up to 5)

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Vote for your Week 10 Pammy Nominees!


Ok, let's be real.  Matt Millen is winning this year's Pammies by a record margin.  But!  There is still 2nd place to be "won" this year and al the major players have some strong nominees this week.  Plus, I get an excuse to reference a clip from one of my favorite cult classics, so you know this week's list is good.  Check out all the nominees and vote after the jump…

1) "I played in Super Bowls, you take the points." – Humble Mark May (via AA)

2) "There have been peace treaties negotiated in less time than this…" ~ Sean McDonough (via crippenstation)

3) "With this loss USC really takes control of the PAC-12 South!" – Charles Davis (via awesomeworkman)

4) "He (Bill Snyder) is the same guy as Joe Paterno, I'm saying it." -Matt Millen (via sglancy5) Umm, talking about Paterno didn't really work the first time, Matt…

5) "Incomplete! (Dramatic pause) Oh no, it is incomplete." – Verne Lundquist (via sctvman)

6) "Kansas State leads for the first time tonight" – Brent Musburger on a touchdown making it 16-7. (via morganwick)

7) “The clouds have moved back in, it’s getting chillerer” – Beth Mowins (via mrsdmanley)

8) "They've scored 90 points off of turnovers. That's almost a hundred points." – Desmond Howard (via sctvman)

9) "This looks like the exact same type of shoulder injury Eric Reid had… No, it's a leg injury." – Gary Danielson (via zacktn)

10) "I wonder if that same moon is visible over New York tonight." – Verne Lundquist (via flybyknite)

11) "Let's take a look at this package on Eddie Lacy" – Gary Danielson (via thaddehart)

12) "The football is so important they named a game after it" – Lou Holtz (via joepa032)

13) "This is why you love college football. Never know what the next guy up is gonna do." – Brian Griese after missed 24-yd FG (via connorkiesel)

14) "Missouri has one win within the SEC and that's against Missouri." – Robert Smith (via mspici)

15) ""I think he used the same symbology." -Mike Mayock. (via travisbarbarick)

Vote for your Week 10 Pammy Nominees! (Vote for up to 5!)