Former Eagles coach Andy Reid made a triumphant return to Philadelphia, leading his Chiefs to a victory on Thursday Night Football and moving the team to 3-0.  Reid was greeted warmly by the crowd and got the win so it must have been a jovial experience for the head coach.  After the game Reid was hugging former players when ESPN's Sal Paolantonio came over for an interview that seemed just a little off.

First of all, NFL Network's Alex Flanagan is hovering around the scene, making me wonder whether or not Sal Pal cut in line since NFLN had rights to the game.  Reid then is more concerned with making fun of Sal Pal than answering any of his questions, sarcastically saying the victory "was as big as Sal Paolantonio."

There's apparently some history with Paolantonio being critical of Reid, but it's still hard to tell whether that made this interview icy or if Reid was merely joking around and the two are best buds.  Whatever the case, it made for a unique postgame interview.


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