One of the best parts about the Canadian edition of SportsCentre (yes, we spell it that way) is the frequent pairing of hosts Jay Onrait and Dan O'Toole; the two bring a great sense of humour (yes, we spell that differently too) to the show, getting all the standard sports information across but entertaining even those who already know the scores. They're YouTube stars, with a nine-minute-plus "Best Of" reel and such highlights as this dance, this attempt to get serious and this performance of "Sandstorm", and they've been cited as key reasons some Americans envy our version of SportsCentre. They even have their own crazily-popular podcast. Onrait and O'Toole provided yet another reason to envy Canadian SportsCentre on Wednesday night's show, as their usually-zany end of the night segment topped its typical antics, with O'Toole complaining about his eyes being sore and Onrait delivering a pretty brilliant response:

(If you need context, it's here.) 

The best part of the clip is O'Toole's hilarious reaction, and then how he tries but fails to keep a straight face through the serious ending of the show (a shout-out to long-time SportsCentre anchor Rod Smith on his Canadian Screen Award), leading Onrait to conclude "It's no laughing matter." Great stuff, as usual from these guys. Feel free to continue your SportsCentre envy, America…

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