Hockey Night in Canada pundit Don Cherry has long been known for his brutally honest and occasionally controversial opinions about the game. “Coach’s Corner”, the CBC intermission segment he co-hosts with Ron MacLean, is considered appointment viewing north of the border. But it’s not just his hockey thoughts that garner attention. During the NHL playoffs, Cherry’s fashion sense became a nightly source of hilarity.

Now that the season has come to an end, it’s time to take a look back at some of Cherry’s best and worst wardrobe choices…

May 1st: The Checkered Flag

Cherry wore this during Game 1 of the Boston Bruins-Toronto Maple Leafs Eastern Conference Quarterfinal. These are Bruins’ colors, but this suit belongs at the track. The polka-dot tie and red-striped shirt are easy to miss.

May 6: Leaves in Blue

For Game 3 of the Maple Leafs-Bruins series, Cherry decided to cater to the Toronto fan base.

May 12th: The Troll Wig

Was this a statement about trolls in the media? It was some kind of statement, that’s for sure.

May 17th: Lightning Strikes

They say Cherry has an electric personality, and here he literally wore it on his sleeve.

May 22nd: The Acid Trip

We can’t be held responsible if this one induces acid flashbacks. Either that or hypnosis.

May 24th: The Goal Lights

What an incredible coincidence: An ad for Budweiser’s goal-light promotion aired right before this segment.

June 1st: The Drapes

Somewhere, an old folks’ home is missing its window covers.

June 5th: Don-te’s Inferno

The look on MacLean’s eyes says it all. Another floral suit here, but these colors combined with the red tie may scald your retinas.

June 7th: Spearmint

Everybody, gather ’round! The lifesized peppermint candy has something to tell us.

June 12th: The Couch

Why is that piece of furniture interviewing a young Bruins’ fan? What? Oh.

June 19th: Violets in Hockey 

Please excuse the horrible pun above and focus on the photo. We’re not sure what MacLean was looking at, but apparently Cherry got caught in a flower patch on his way to the arena.

June 22nd: Dr. Seuss and the Candy Cane Jacket

Cherry did his opening rant before Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Final from the Madhouse section in the upper reaches of the United Center in Chicago. This one celebrates The Cat in the Hat and Christmas all at once.

Here’s a closer look at the suit jacket and tie from the “Coach’s Corner” segment later that night:

June 24th: Nature Boy

With apologies to the real Nature Boy, Cherry brought some foliage to Game 6 of the Cup Final, before the Blackhawks rallied to defeat the Bruins 3-2 to take home Lord Stanley’s mug. This jacket was actually appropriate considering the ice at Boston’s TD Garden was its own body of water thanks to the sweltering heat.

So there you have it. If you’re wondering how Cherry picks his suits, CBC’s The Rick Mercer Report found out a while back.

You’ll have to wait until the fall to see what Don dons next. That’s just another reason why next season can’t come soon enough.

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