British diving star, Olympic medalist, and former World Champion Tom Daley came out and announced he was gay in a YouTube video.  Daley's announcement comes on the heels of Jason Collins, Robbie Rogers, and several other prominent athletes making the decision to come out publicly.

To commemorate Daley's announcement, Sky News in the UK produced what else, a slideshow of sports stars who came out.  Included are the likes of Collins and Rogers as well as Welsh rugby star Gareth Thomas and Martina Navratilova.  And also… Robert Griffin III?!?!

When did that happen???


Sky says RGIII came out in a GQ interview back in August, but it's been well established that the Redskins quarterback is actually married to Rebecca Liddicoat.  There was even a ridiculous controversy about his wedding registry.  RGIII's said in the GQ interview that now would be the time for a gay player to come out in the NFL.  He didn't say it would be himself.

Bizarre headlines just happen to follow RG3 everywhere he goes.  Linemen not picking him up, parents in the locker room, wedding registries, editing negative plays out of film studies, cornball analysts criticizing him, gay rumors in the UK.  What's next?

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