This gem appeared on Fox Sports Kansas City tonight during their coverage of the Royals-Angels game.  A simple poll about the best young stars in baseball… and there are so many screw-ups here, they are worth counting one by one.

1) There is no such major league player as Bryce Hunter.
2) Bryce Harper plays for the Nationals and a Tigers logo appears beside him.
3) Matt Jones was a quarterback at Arkansas or is the guy that runs Kentucky Sports Radio.  He is not an MLB pitcher.  That's a guy named Matt Harvey.
4) Harvey plays for the Mets, not the Orioles.
5) Manny Machado does play for the Orioles, and yes that is his real name… and a White Sox logo appears next to him.  So close!
6) Mike Trout is not a member of the Yankees… yet.

Good job, good effort FS Kansas City.

H/T travdawgsks

About Matt Yoder

Award winning sportswriter at The Comeback and Awful Announcing. The biggest cat in the whole wide world.

52 thoughts on “Screengrab Snafu: The Royals graphics department is just giving up

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