I think a lot of us were conditioned to give Pedro Martinez the benefit of the doubt when it was announced that he'd be joining the broadcasting ranks. Martinez is a fairly beloved (outside the Bronx) former pro and one of the best pitchers of his generation. He also had a reputation for being funny and honest with the press.

TBS has found the best possible ways to capitalize on that, and with some help from a loaded panel, has turned Martinez into a must-watch. While Pedro is hardly a master of the english language, neither is Don Cherry nor Terry Bradshaw. The same qualities that made him a popular player — pitching intellect, honesty, and a great sense of humor — are making him my favorite part of the postseason. 

Especially excellent is Martinez's signature segment, Who's Your Daddy? For those in need of a time machine, Martinez once told the media at a press conference that he just had to "tip my hat and call the Yankees my daddy." It became one of baseball's great infamous quotes, leading fans in the Bronx to chant "Who's Your Daddy?" till the end of time.

Now, Pedro's made a meal out of his most infamous moment. To reward the MVP of each game, Pedro is naming his "nightly daddies" and its made for some really funny television. For your viewing pleasure, here are three of the best.

First, Francisco Lirano's reward after the NL Wild Card game.

Probably the funniest, the one from the opening night of the NLDS.

"He's my daddy at night, so he has to take me to bed." Amazing.

Finally, here's Pedro showing unabashed affection for his former teammate David Ortiz on Saturday.

Put it in the books: "Who's Your Daddy" is the best MLB TV segment invented since the Web Gem. While Pedro is fantastic on TBS, I'd love to see him find a way onto MLB Network, or another channel that could broadcast Martinez's thoughts on a more frequent basis. Maybe ESPN could call in that favor for letting Keith Olbermann (who is also awesome in the studio host role) play hooky for a few weeks? 

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