The hopes of the English National Soccer team rely on the feet and heads of many individuals, including young midfielder Jack Wilshere. Anything that the training staff of the team can do to keep the injury-prone Wilshere happy, they will, including shielding him when he needs to urinate during a training session. Unfortunately for Wilshere, the entire event was caught on camera during a live broadcast of the team's training session in the lead-up to their game against Poland.

The camera stays on Wilshere the entire time and only cuts away once he finishes. But in America, we refuse to show streakers or fans who run onto the field. Why? For modesty's sake? To not encourage streakers?

This is fine camera work. I just wish that the commentary was audible enough to hear Martin Tyler or another highly sophisticated English commentator to break down the scene.

Jack Wilshere is an integral part of England's World Cup Qualifying efforts, and he should be allowed to urinate wherever he wants. For England.

[World Soccer Talk] 

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