One of the highlight plays of Week 3 in the NFL was the Cincinnati Bengals forcing a fumble on a key 4th & 1 stop late in the 4th quarter that was returned by Terrence Newman for the game winning score in a dramatic 34-30 victory over the Green Bay Packers.

When I saw the play happen live I knew I needed to find the call from the Bengals radio network because the reaction from analyst Dave Lapham would be absolutely hysterical.

Lapham, who has called college football games nationally for the Fox Sports regionals, is one of the biggest homers in the announcing world.  In fact, he's firmly entrenched in the Hawk Harrelson Pantheon of Homers.  (Side note: I'm kind of wishing that becomes a real thing.)

The former Bengals lineman is famous for shouting over his play by play man (one of the cardinal sins of broadcasting) with excited shouts of either glee or terror depending on what's happening to his Bengals.  Over the years that's led to much more misery than joy, so perhaps that's why we can excuse Lapham for being so unrestrained when good things actually happen to the Bengals.  Here's the audio of the Newman TD via Stripe Hype:

That's just phenomenal.  It's like they put a headset on a fan in the upper deck wearing an Andy Dalton jersey.  I'm pretty sure this audio will be used in broadcast and journalism schools around the country as what not to do as a game analyst, but it's not all bad.  The announcing world would be much less interesting without a few folks like Dave Lapham out there around America throwing out proper announcing etiquette and being a fan in the booth.

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