Throughout July we're on a quest to definitively name the greatest announcing call in the history of sports.  We started with a list of 64 (the top 32 of which were seeded) that will be narrowed down to 1 at the end of the month that will earn the greatest of all-time title thanks to your votes.  Each day will bring a list of new matchups as we march our way through the tournament.  There are certainly some heavy favorites, but also some upsets in the making along the way.  Throughout the first round, polls will be open for a day until the next batch of matchups are published.

With a tip of the cap to the WGC Match Play, each bracket will also pay tribute to one of the great announcers in sports. You can check out all the winners from the Gowdy Bracket here, the McKay bracket here and the Summerall bracket here.  

Today is the final day of Round 1 with the bottom half of the Mel Allen bracket.

Sunday's winners

1) The shot heard round the world vs Steve Young's mazy run
8) The Holy Roller vs Arsenal's title winner

4) Send it in Jerome vs Rip Hamilton's buzzer beater
5) It's 715 vs Sid's slide

Monday's matchups

3) We'll see you tomorrow night vs Ned & Dale Jarrett
6) Dale's Daytona victory vs Look at Mills!

2) Down goes Frazier! vs Holy Mackerel
7) Matteau! Matteau! Matteau! vs MJ's spectacular move

Videos and polls after the jump…

3) "We'll see you tomorrow night!"

Jack Buck finds himself in our list yet again for another legendary call of an historic baseball moment. This time, it's the 1991 World Series and an extra-innings home run by Kirby Puckett that forced a Game 7 back at the Metrodome. This call has been made even more special by the tribute from Jack's son Joe in Game 6 of the 2011 World Series

"Dale Jarrett's gonna win the Daytona 500!"

It isn't odd for fathers to announce events where their sons are participating in the world of sports. Although, it's pretty rare for a father to capture the moment his son wins the most important event in their respective sport. But, that's what happened in 1993 when NASCAR Hall of Famer Ned Jarrett called and cheered his son Dale to the checkered flag to win the Daytona 500.

6) "20 years of trying…"

As seen in the video above, Dale Earnhardt was close to winning the Daytona 500 on several occasions only to come tantalizingly short. The 1998 Daytona 500 was finally to be Earnhardt's day. The man was already The Intimidator and one of the sport's greatest champions. Still, Earnhardt lacked the one thing that would make his career complete, The Great American Race. And all of the years of trying and frustration were perfectly captured by Mike Joy.

"Look at Mills!"

The 1964 Olympics, specifically the 10000m, is probably not the first event that would come to mind when thinking of the top announcing calls in sports history. Analyst Dick Bank's shock and excitement at the sight of American Bill Mills streaking towards the gold medal though certainly belongs in the discussion. History has been kinder to Bank's call than the present day was. The analyst was fired the next day by NBC for his "unprofessionalism" after he "upstaged" fellow announcer Bud Palmer.

2) "Down goes Frazier!"

There is no more legendary name in broadcasting than Howard Cosell. And there's no more famous call in the history of boxing than George Foreman's domination of Heavyweight Champ Joe Frazier. You know, back when the Heavyweight Championship meant something and boxing was the sport of kings. Although Cosell's mere 3 words became famous, the entirety of his rabid call is something to behold.

"A spectacular move by Michael Jordan!"

The greatest basketball player of all time and the greatest basketball announcer of all time surely had to find their way into our tournament. And this move by Air Jordan in the '91 NBA Finals is certainly one of the most memorable moments in both the career of #23 and Marv Albert.

7) "Matteau! Matteau! Matteau!"

The 1994 New York Rangers had one of the most dramatic postseason journeys in the history of the NHL. The most famous call didn't happen in the Stanley Cup Final though, it occurred in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals. Double OT. Rangers versus Devils at Madison Square Garden. And one word from Howie Rose said it all.

"Holy Mackerel"

Al McGuire had a certain way with words. So much so, that McGuire certainly would've been just as popular in this current social media climate as back in his prime. This call of a Georgia Tech buzzer beater versus USC in the 1992 NCAA Tournament is one of McGuire's lasting contributions.

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