On yesterday's show Josh in Long Island was having a normal conversation with Mike Francesa about Tony Romo and the NFL.  Then, he did the unthinkable.  Josh in Long Island asked Mike Francesa for his thoughts on the New York Rangers game against the Ducks.  The WFAN czar was not interested, and swatted the question away like he was Henrik Lundqvist.  It was maybe the greatest exchange between host and caller in sports radio history.

Josh: "Can I get your take on the Rangers-Ducks game tonight?"
Francesa: "No.  No you can't.  Because no one cares."

That was a great prank call, trying to get a hockey opinion from Mike Francesa like that.  Hopefully the next wave of Francesa prank calls are legitimate questions about sports he doesn't care about, like hockey, soccer, or Australian Rules football.

For what it's worth, the Ducks beat the Rangers 2-1.  

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