A very underrated, yet major, bit of news to come out of Big Ten Media Day on Wednesday was the announcement that BTN2Go was now available on all major providers, including the biggest holdout: Comcast.

BTN2Go is essentially everything you're familiar with from WatchESPN, but with the BTN (of course). BTN2Go provides free live and archived streams of games and other programs on the network, requiring just a login from a participating provider. The carriage by all of the major providers also makes BTN2Go the first TV Everywhere service of an ad-supported network to be available to nearly its entire viewer base.

The fact that BTN2Go has deeper penetration among providers than WatchESPN (which is still not available for subscribers of DirecTV, DiSH, and Cablevision among otehrs) is a testament to how well BTN has been managed since their launch six years ago. BTN is doing an uneal job at paving a path for the Pac-12 Networks and the SEC Network to follow, but it will be very tough for those conference networks to match or surpass what BTN has done thusfar in terms of distribution.


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