Mere seconds after Adam Schefter broke the news of the Saints bounty penalties (spare a thought for me and fellow Who Dats today), Jay Glazer broke the news of Tim Tebow being traded to the New York Jets, setting off a chain of tweets fearing for the apocalypse.  Yes, the thought of Tebow in the crazed atmosphere of New York sports and tabloids is a heavy cross to bear for rational human beings.  There will be a million and more tangents to Tebow in New York.  Tebow assisting Rex Ryan in cutting back on swearing.  Tebow and Mark Sanchez involved in potential love triangles and seeing who can bounce more passes into the ground.  Tebow trying to get along with Antonio Cromartie.  Tebow and Jeremy Lin playing in the same city.  Tebow assisting Alex Rodriguez with his public image.  Tebow texting inspirational messages to attractive Jets sideline reporters.  Etcetera.

And then there’s Tim Tebow and noted Jets antagonist slash mega New York sports talk show host Mike Francesa.  Watch him below get into the first of what promises to be several hundred thousand arguments with Jet fans about Timothy Tebow.  Just think how many hypothetical permutations to get Tebow on the field will be discussed on New York airwaves in the next few months.  



(via Jimmy Traina)

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