For our sanity, let's just pretend that Tim McCarver is in on this joke referencing Barry Manilow as the most famous Barry to play in San Francisco's AT&T Park and not a sign that he's slowly losing his mind.  To McCarver's credit, it's true, Barry Manilow did play at AT&T Park in 2007 and the fans apparenty did chant "Barry, Barry!"  Who doesn't remember that magical evening when Brian Boitano's Skating Spectacular came through town?  Seriously, this happened!

"The familiar chant of "Barry" rang through the Giants' ballpark on Friday night, but the Barry who took the field was belting out timeless hits instead of towering home runs.
Barry Manilow's smooth melodies set the tone in AT&T Park for the "AFLAC Presents Brian Boitano Skating Spectacular," which also featured fellow Olympic gold medalists Dorothy Hamill, David Pelletier and Viktor Petrenko."

See, so McCarver's not totally off base when he's fondly reminiscing on the AT&T Park crowd chanting for Barry Manilow.  It's just that we as sports fans don't appreciate the genius of Barry Manilow over that one guy that used to crush home runs in San Francisco.  What's his name… Larry something…

Huge Video H/T to @TweetJBaho!

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