This video came into the AA Twitter account, and features the call of the end of the game between Tennessee high schools Brentwood and Ravenwood. Brentwood player Jack Montague lays in a basket with 1.6 seconds left to give Brentwood the win, and announcer Alex Dostaler goes completely bonkers. By the time the crowd storms the court as the final buzzer sounds, Dostaler’s voice is cracking as he’s screaming and cheering in the booth. 

WBHS-9 appears to be a local public access channel that’s run by Brentwood High, featuring tons of sports programming. That explains the exuberant attitude shown by Dostaler in the booth. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any contact info for him on their website to try to get a comment. At any rate, the insane reaction shown by Dostaler is a nice breath of fresh air in the era of political correctness, even if this was just a high school game.

For the record, when I was watching my high school football team play in the state title game back in December, the announcers didn’t show a fraction of this emotion. It’s good to see that at least one announcer out there has passion for something. Unfortunately, this didn’t give us a “PY-RO-TECH-NICS” moment, but it was still pretty funny.

[h/t: Twitter]

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