One of my favorite pieces I've done over the past year is an interview with former NFL Films producer, Jim Jorden, on what it was like working with Steve Sabol. Given Sabol's significance to the NFL and the fact that NFL Films excels at storytelling and in particular biopics, I've been keenly interested in how and when NFL Films would opt to showcase the tremendous life of their own creative genius.

We reached out to NFL Films for guidance on this and were excited to hear that they have a Football Life episode in the works and it's likely we'll see it next fall on NFL Network.

I've always found the success NFL Films and the Sabols to be a bit under the radar to the mainstream sports fan. Sure people know Hard Knocks and A Football Life among others, but often the quality of that programming is attributed to the channel the programs air on and the individual brand of the show. 

There is probably only one other studio that stands out as impressively to me as NFL Films does and that would be Pixar, a company that rings out with prestige to the American public. Always humble and happy to serve the NFL as well as their television partners, there really isn't enough insight and recognition for the modest sized New Jersey based studio.

I'd imagine many share my excitement about the news that an NFL Films produced Sabol tribute is indeed in the works as this snippet below isn't nearly enough to pay homage to one of the biggest innovators in sports.

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