The Onion is America's most notable fake news source.  Everyone knows this.  Everyone that is except Stephen A. Smith.  Ironic for someone that engages in fake debates for a living.  

Yesterday, The Onion posted an amusing article regarding Stephen A. Smith having a fake birds and the bees debate with his fake 9 year old son.  Although, if Stephen A. did have a son, I can imagine that conversation going a bit like this…

"Sensing the 9-year-old is now old enough to engage in a heated debate on the subject, Stephen A. Smith reportedly decided Monday that his son is finally ready for the sex argument. “It’s a big milestone in every father-son relationship to sit your child down and dispute his pathetic ideas about the birds and bees,” said Smith, fondly remembering his own father belligerently talking over him when he got the sex argument as a boy."

Somehow, Screamin' A. got word of the Onion article and thought it was a serious thing.  He went on a Twitter rampage (since deleted) calling it all despicable lies and proclaiming that he isn't going anywhere.  Wonderful.  The defiant martyr version of Stephen A. Smith is the worst kind of Stephen A. Smith.  Thankfully, the folks at Cosby Sweaters took a screengrab of Smith's dubious Twitter rant to his 819,000 Twitter followers.  Imagine Stephen A.'s confusion when he saw himself on Saturday Night Live.  That must have really screwed with his mind.

Peeps got jokes, indeed.

(H/T Cosby Sweaters)

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