This clip is a few days old, but too good not to share as you adjust back to your everyday lives after the long holiday weekend.  Miami anchor Sasha Andrade of WPLG made a pretty bad mistake while talking about the potential opponents for the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals. Instead of calling the Philadelphia 76ers by their proper name, she called them… the Philadelphia 69ers. Let your minds run wild with that one. Essentially, she combined the Sixers with the San Francisco 49ers to create an innuendo-laced name for a professional franchise that’s been around for nearly 50 years, or twice as long as the Heat (who were created in 1988).

I know Miami has a reputation as a pretty bad sports town, mainly brought to the forefront by the empty seats at home games… but this is pretty bad. I’m sure Andrade’s error was just a Freudian slip, but still, there’s many less embarrassing Freudian slips one can make. At any rate, this is just another screwup by mainstream media in large markets, which has been par for the course this spring.

[h/t: Larry Brown Sports, via Deadspin & SportsGrid]

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