Joe Posnanki, one of the best and most acclaimed sportswriters in the country, is leaving Sports Illustrated less than three years after joining the magazine and will be joining the new USA Today/MLB Advanced Media group as reported by The Big Lead.

Posnanski joined SI in August of 2009, leaving the Kansas City Star and going national. For SI, he wrote about all sports, but mainly focused on baseball. Posnanski’s style translated best to baseball, which is why this move makes a lot of sense. It’s unknown what Posnanski’s role will be with the USA Today/MLBAM group, but one has to believe that he’d be a featured columnist in the USA Today, as well as their Sports Weekly offshoot, and for, with possible on-camera work on the MLB Network coming along as well.

Most of the talking heads on MLB Network are of the “reporter” or “analyst” variety. Posnanski is more of a “storyteller,” which isn’t a bad thing at all, considering how well he does it. I’m not sure how that would work on a highlight type show, but Posnanski could probably work well participating in a biography type show, or perhaps moderating a panel like the MLB Greatest Games series.

Whatever Posnanski’s role ends up being, odds are that he’ll thrive in his new role focusing on his bread and butter: baseball. His departure continues the musical chairs game of writers changing employers in recent months, which includes the likes of Bruce Feldman, Pat Forde, Jon Heyman, and a host of others.

[h/t: The Big Lead]

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