Easily my favorite development of this relatively dull spring training has been the influx of Tim Kurkjian impressions that have been aired by the WWL. Kurkjian is possibly the easiest ESPN personality to parody (and that’s saying something) but I’ve yet to not find any of these attempts hilarious. First there was Blue Jays catcher J.P. Arencibia who set the bar high but soon after the Rays’ Elliot Johnson responded with one that might have been just as dead on. Well, we now have a third contender, this one comes courtesy of Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Tim Dillard. Check it out.

While Dillard’s crackly Kurkjian voice in my opinion is not as precise as Arencibia’s or Johnson’s, I think he has the strongest material nailing what is basically the essence of the Kurkjian experience. Insane stats that are bizarre are what Kurkjian does best and Dillard has plenty of them in his take. You also have to give him credit for doing what was probably thought impossible and making T-Plush the straight man in his bit. Plus, it’s always welcome to be reminded of the greatness of Kelly Gruber.

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