Dave Barnett will not return to the Rangers television or radio booth in 2013 after a very odd incident in June. Barnett starting babbling during the eighth inning of a Rangers-Padres game, and later claimed it was the result of a migraine. He didn't return to broadcast any Rangers games over the rest of the season, but did pop up in September to call a North Texas football game.

Barnett still has no idea what happened in the booth that night in June, even after a series of tests. It seems a little cold for the Rangers to just throw their hands up and walk away after such a scary incident, abandoning the well-liked Barnett after essentially just a season in the TV booth for the Rangers. He took over from John Rhadigan, the Rangers' chosen replacement for the fantastic Josh Lewin going into the 2011 season. Rhadigan flamed out spectacularly, and Barnett stepped in to replace him to put Rangers fans at peace with their announcing once again.

Steve Busby, the Rangers former radio play-by-play commentator who replaced Barnett after the rambling in June, will continue on TV in 2013 along with Tom Grieve, while Eric Nadel and Matt Hicks will make up Texas' radio crew. Barnett will likely find a job in time, but the fact that there are still no answers for that night in June will likely scare off a few teams. Hopefully he's able to find another job, though.

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