The Dan Patrick Show won our award for best sports show of 2011 as voted on by our readers, but it almost came to a tragic end on Thursday.  With Dan Patrick taking the week after the Super Bowl off due to a knee operation, the show has had guest hosts in Patrick’s seat throughout the week to join the Danettes.  On Thursday and Friday, Bonnie Bernstein served in the guest host role.  Watch as she almost burns the studio down after laying a piece of paper on a burning candle.  Even though there’s no sound to the clip, you can see Bernstein’s hilarious reaction that surely would have got past ESPN’s censors

So it was Bonnie Bernstein that started the fire!  Of course!  

Seriously though, before her last two guest hosting stints on Dan Patrick’s radio show, I had no idea where Bonnie Bernstein went.  I actually thought she was still with ESPN and had merely gotten lost in the galaxy of reporters at the network, but she left Bristol in the last couple years.  I always thought she was one of the top sideline reporters in the industry, so I was surprised to discover that.  She’s been really enjoyable to listen to subbing for Dan Patrick, so maybe it won’t be too long before a major network picks her up again in some capacity… as long as they keep her safely away from candles.

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