Last week we announced our own Decision 2012 election where Senator Craig James will have to run for re-election to keep his spot on AA's Mount Rushmore banner.  James first ascended to the mountaintop during last year's Joe Morgan Memorial Tournament.  With the former ESPNer no longer announcing games, we've left it up to you whether or not to keep that diabolical face on AA's banner.

Your votes have been tallied and we can announce the three men that will face off against James on Election Day for the coveted Mount Rushmore spot.  Our voters certainly did their job by selecting three of the most prominent figures in the last year at AA to take part in this epic contest of awfulness.  Find out the results below….

Primary #1 – Back, Back, Back

WINNER: Chris Berman 42.47%

2nd: Hawk Harrelson 20.76%

3rd: Joe Buck 12.62%

4th: John Sterling 9.63%

5th: Dick Stockton 6.38%

6th: Mike Patrick 5.29%

7th: Jim Nantz 2.85%


Primary #2 – Jockular

WINNER: Matt Millen 31.50%

2nd: Mark May 18.90%

3rd: Tony Siragusa 16.64%

4th: Warren Sapp 13.41%

5th: Jon Gruden 10.02%

6th: Pierre McGuire 6.46%

7th: Reggie Miller 3.07%


Primary #3 – Embrace Debate

WINNER: Skip Bayless 53.99%

2nd: Colin Cowherd 18.44%

3rd: Stephen A. Smith 8.80%

4th: Rick Reilly 7.48%

5th: Rob Parker 4.32%

6th: Mike Francesa 3.8%

7th: Jason Whitlock 3.16%


So there you have it.  It'l be James vs Berman vs Millen vs Bayless in a Fatal Four Way of Fiasco.  The voting will take place on Election Day – Tuesday November 6th.  But, we want you to be informed voters so until then we'll be bringing you columns, videos, and information on the candidates and why they should earn your vote in this campaign.  So who will your vote be for?  Voice your opinions in the comments below, or take to Twitter and use the hashtags #VoteJames, #VoteMillen, #VoteBerman, and #VoteBayless to round up support for your candidate of choice.