We welcome Darren Rovell back to the AA Podcast for the first time in over a year. In that time, Rovell has become one of the most talked about figures in the sports media from his reporting to his Tweeting to his move back to ESPN from CNBC. We talk with Darren about why he returned to Bristol as well as what impact it'll have on his social media game and a few thoughts on the Olympics as well. In addition, we ask Darren about…

-What has changed at ESPN since his first and second stint and the public perception of the company.
-What were the deciding factors in making the switch from NBC to ESPN.
-What it's been like to be at the center of several media storms in the last year.
-Do he and Richard Deitsch get along in real life?
-ESPN's Twitter policy and if it'll change how or what he tweets.
-NBC's tape delaying of the Olympics in primetime and the possibility of future changes.
-Which athletes have helped and hurt their marketability in London.

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