The latest attempt at a drummed up controversy from the leader came today via NFL analyst and former Patriot LB Tedy Bruschi.  In the crosshairs of Bruschi’s rage was current Patriots receiver Chad Ochocinco.  For some reason, Bruschi was horrified by Chad Ochocinco praising Tom Brady for his record setting Monday Night Football performance, throwing for 517 yards.  Bruschi was fired up over this innocuous tweet from Ocho…


Seriously.  I’ll give you a few moments to scratch your head and see what exactly should be considered offensive or “wrong” in that Tweet.  Considering that Brady’s 517 yards was the fifth highest total in any NFL game ever played, that might be cause to take a step back and marvel in his mastery of the quarterbacking position.  That might be cause to take a second to appreciate via 2.7 million of your friends.  In fact, I would call it being a good teammate.  Tedy Bruschi though, expects better.  Yahoo has the quotes from the former linebacker on WEEI Radio in Boston nauseously preaching to Ocho about the Patriot Way…

“Drop the awe factor, OK, Ocho, Chad, drop the awe factor,” Bruschi said. “You’re not a fan, all right? You’re not someone who’s on another team or watching TV. You’re not an analyst. You’re a part of it. They want you to be a part of it. So get with the program because obviously you’re not getting it and you’re tweeting because you’re saying, ‘It’s amazing to see’? It’s amazing to see because you don’t understand it! You still don’t understand it and it’s amazing to you because you can’t get it.

“Stop tweeting and get in your playbook,” Bruschi added. “Wake up! If you’re just waking up now – I don’t know when this was, six minutes ago? – get out your bed and get to the stadium and watch some film if you still think it’s amazing. If you’re in it and you know what you’re doing and you execute out there you don’t think it’s amazing. You know why? Because it’s what you’re supposed to do. All of a sudden it’s second nature. ‘I know i was supposed do that, yes I went 99 yards, I threw for 517 you know why? Because we’re that good and that’s what we’re supposed to do and that’s what I thought we were gonna do.’ You are still in awe to be a member of the New England Patriots offense. Join the system, buddy. “

Huh?  What sense does this make?  Stop tweeting and get in your playbook?  How long does it take to send a tweet, 15 seconds?  Does Tedy Bruschi want all NFL players to be banned from tweeting?  How ’bout texting too while we’re at it.  Better yet, let’s just put cement walls and a barbed wire fence around the Patriots facility to keep this kind of rebellious behavior under control!  Let’s imprison Chad Ochocinco in the basement of the Patriots’ facility like he’s Jean Valjean until he “gets it.”  How can Tedy Bruschi surmise all of this nonsense about Ocho being a fan and not “being a part of it” or “getting with the program” from ONE TWEET PRAISING HIS QUARTERBACK!  Are you kidding me?

And of course, like the sun rising in the east, what news story do you think became the central NFL topic of conversation throughout the ESPN family of networks today?  Why it was Tedy Bruschi’s “hard-hitting” analysis and his “calling out” of Chad Ochocinco!!  Hooray!  Another “story” created by ESPN for ESPN!  How convenient that once again an ESPN analyst doesn’t just have to analyze the news, but gets to make the news as well!  The same sketchiness happened last month with the out-of-thin-air Merril Hoge/Tim Tebow “controversy.”  Thankfully, folks are starting to take notice.  Take Paulie Pabst of The Dan Patrick Show for instance…

With everything happening in the NFL, a Chad Ochocinco Tweet is not news… no matter how hard Tedy Bruschi and ESPN will try.  As an encore, perhaps we’ll have a staged debate on First Take that puts an ESPN personality at the center of the story for his huffing and puffing aimed at a certain athlete.  Oh, wait, that happened today too?  Pardon me while I volunteer myself for the reverse beartrap.  

[H/T Yahoo Sports]

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