Sadly, the Pammies season is almost coming to a close.  There’s only a couple weeks left in the regular season before conference championships and the bowls arrive.  Can Matt Millen continue his dramatic comeback or does Craig James extend his lead this week?  Both have multiple nominees this week as well as the Versus crew being well represented thanks to the eyes on TCU’s upset of Boise State.

As a reminder as to how the Pammy vote works, each week we’ll nominate 15-20 quotes for you to pick the best 10.  The winning quote of the week will earn that person 10 points all the way down to 1 point for 10th.  Remember, you can vote for your favorite five quotes.  Here are your Week 11 nominees…

1) “This is just out of QB sneak range. It’s 3rd and 7.” – Craig James (via sctvman)

2) “Depth is a problem on defense all over the Southeast Conference, especially on defense.” – Gary Danielson (via TheBlightning)

3) “The Breakfast Club has turned into Happy Hour at Ross-Ade Stadium.” – Tom Hart (via BloggerJustinF)

4) “He does a good job of reading, coming out of his zone and splitting the defenders on the screen. What I mean by defenders is the big offensive linemen.” – Chris Spielman (via TheBlightning)

5) “Fans are wearing blue in honor of child support, err, child abuse” – Tom Rinaldi (via AlexFromBuffalo)

6) “The Gamecocks lead it by nine.” – Tim Brando (via Dascenzo) It was 14-3.

7) “I’m no math major. 6 out of 10 is 60%.” – Craig James (via BloggerJustinF) on the number of Big Ten stadiums named after people who served in the armed forces.  There are 12 Big Ten teams.

8) “Two things that will not show up on the stat sheet: two-point conversions.” – Paul Burmeister (via RonFlatter)

9) “We knew this game was going to be a game.” – Shaun King (via Jarvidus)

10) “4 seconds left on shot clock.” – Verne Lundquist (via govolx)

11) “Every once in a while you throw a box on your head and you show up.” – Matt Millen (via HurricaneStiz)

12) “These 2 safeties have to come up and play the box tight and hard.” – Craig James (via MattHoeppner)

13) “Harten listed as 5’7 163 yards” – Verne Lundquist (via Michael_Necci)

14) “That’s not how they wanted to start, Sean.” – Matt Millen (via chaimy4life) Michigan lost a fumble for a TD on 1st play from scrimmage.

15) “Michigan State can’t take the metal off the pedal” – Mike Bellotti (apsports89)

16) “Sometimes you can do everything right and you’re still wrong” – Matt Millen (via GDixon410)

17) Boise doesn’t lose at home. You have to beat them” – Shaun King (via SoonerCharley)

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The winners will come Wednesday morning so make sure you vote early and often and check back for the full Week 12 announcing sked later this week!

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