Last week, we learned that one of our favorites, Brian Kenny, will be leaving ESPN. A personal favorite of mine, I mentioned to a friend how I watched his infamous interview with Floyd Mayweather live when it happened and have probably re-watched it ten times since. That says a lot as the clip is 13 minutes. 

My friend hadn’t seen the clip in question so we fired it up and once again I reveled in the back and forth and Kenny’s ownage of Mayweather. After 13 minutes, my friend uttered the words “I want to see it again, replay it.” 

This got me thinking, what are the sports media clips with the most entertainment longevity? I’m sure I am missing some classics but here are ten that often help me to procrastinate the day away in no particular order.

1) Jim Everett Attacks Jim Rome

Do you respect Rome more or less because of this incident? 


2) The Joe Buck Show Unravels Thanks To Artie Lange

There really hasn’t been this much drawn out awkward carnage on live television maybe ever. So memorable that this is only half of the fun with part two here. Seriously this is is just amazing.  

3) Ichiro Shares His Favorite American Saying On Costas Now

Who do you think told Ichiro this expression?

4) Boom Goes The Dynamite

Everyone has terrible days. It’s not good when it happens on television though.

5) Chris Berman Not Happy With People On The Set

I once had this idea that all employees should follow the lead of MLB managers. 3-4x a year you would get to go absolutely ape shit at work, make an ass out of yourself, say terrible things, and get to come back to work like nothing happened. Berman is obviously taking that liberty already.

6) Brian Kenny Does A Number on Floyd Mayweather

This clip doesn’t get old… Mayweather ducking Pacquiao does though.

7) Clips of The Most Entertaining Coach In The World

This guy had a lot of videos on the web. Probably one of the few reasons to do sports media in the state of Montana. 

8) Mark May Pretends To Be Lou Holtz Giving Jimmy Clausen Fellatio

The only moment in life I’ve ever liked Mark May.

9) Norm MacDonald ESPY’S Open

It’s not overly hilarious, but it’s just ridiculously risque for ESPN. You’d never see this on modern day ESPN.


10) Rich Eisen Doing The 40

They do this every year but you know what else happens ever year? The NFL video gestapo takes down the videos. This year’s one was better but you’ll watch this and like it.

That’s our list, what are your favorite all-time sports media clips?

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