Chris Berman made a rare appearance in the broadcast booth for ESPN’s MLB coverage tonight. There are a lot of words you can use to describe Chris Berman’s tired schtick, but we’ll save that for another column on another day. Usually, Berman’s appearance wouldn’t be a newsworthy event, especially on the first night of the NBA Finals. However, Boomer gave us a golden soundbyte so ridiculously awful, so deliciously mind-numbing, so horrifyingly preposterous, so… ok, you get the idea. A huge thank you to our good friend bubbaprog for uploading this video from tonight’s Giants/Cardinals broadcast at Mocksession

“Well they have 7 walk off wins thus far, most of them at home.”

This may be the single greatest quote in the history of Awful Announcing.  I must have missed it, but the Giants’ walk off wins on the road are surely the greatest feat in baseball history… winning a game on a walk off hit in the top half of an inning, why, that’s unheard of!! Someone get me those box scores!! I wonder why more teams haven’t tried the road walk off win strategy. Maybe Boomer is onto something here… or, maybe he should just go rumblin, bumblin, and stumblin and walk off ESPN for good.

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