If you’ve watched ESPN2’s First Take (even if just for five minutes) or followed Skip Bayless’ Twitter account over the last few months, you’re well aware that he has an affinity for Tim Tebow that’s beginning to reach highly uncomfortable levels.

The main point Bayless constantly (at least 50 times/day) makes in regards to Tebow is, “All he does is win!” And unfortunately to those of us that hate when Bayless looks anywhere close to accurate with his opinions, Tebow indeed continues to win. Of course, if you study the NFL much, you realize the Broncos’ defense is far and away the main reason for their six-game winning streak (or in last night’s case, Marion Barber pretty much handing the Broncos the game, twice).

Anyway, DJ Steve Porter gave Bayless’ “All he does is win!“ stuff the auto-tune treatment. Check it out:

What just happened? My head is spinning.