Joe Morgan Memorial Tournament “Elite 8” finisher Skip Bayless has more problems than just his daily arguments with the insufferable Rob Parker. On last night’s Conan, The Big Pundit decided that the next episode of Shaq Vs. would be him against that troll, Skip Bayless. This bizarre feud started soon after Shaq’s retirement was announced and Skip acted very Skip Baylessy by saying Shaq’s career didn’t live up to the expectations he had for his career out of college on the sports theater debate show, 1st and 10.

Last night wasn’t the first time Neon called out Skip. At his retirement press conference, he also mentioned Skip by name.

This will make me feel dirty, but I support blowhards like Skip Bayless being able to have an opinion on Shaq. I certainly don’t agree with Skip at all on Shaq’s career being a disappointment, but if only those who are 4x NBA champions or perennial all-stars are able to have a dissenting opinion than that really just doesn’t work out for me. There are plenty of well-respected analysts that either did not play professionally or were never stars. Being an analyst and an athlete are two completely different jobs. Obviously having the experience to know what you are talking about first hand goes a very long way, but that doesn’t necessarily make you a good analyst.

Whatever. Skip’s still awful and on my tournament bracket I had him penciled in to the Final 4. If Shaq is really upset and feels the need to bust out some of his legendary martial arts moves and he Shaq-Fu’s Skip off the air, fans of rational thinking would be grateful.