In the last moments of 2011, Wagner’s Kenny Ortiz produced the best buzzer beater of the year… and maybe the most incredible shot to win a game I have ever seen!  Wagner was tied with Santa Clara 62-62.  With time running out, Ortiz rebounds his teammate’s miss that clanks off the side of the backboard.  Falling out of bounds as the horn sounds, Ortiz shoots a rainbow over the backboard and somehow in for the gamewinner.

While the unbelievable shot is one thing, the other amazing element of this clip is the Santa Clara analyst screaming in psychotic denial that the shot should not count.  At least I hope it’s the Santa Clara analyst due to the tremendous broadcast journalism on display.  This is one of the best blatant homer slash crazy person announcing rants you will ever hear, including swearing at the referees off mic, but loud enough for it to be picked up over the air…

Here’s the glorious transcript:

“No, that’s no good!  That’s no good!  That’s easy!  No, no no no, that’s no good!  No good!”

(The refs count the basket)


(the analyst continues his rant presumably off mic)

“That’s behind the basket!  That’s behind the basket!  That’s bullshit!”

No, that was awesome, and the perfect clip to end 2011 in style.

[h/t Adam Amin]

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