Barcelona and Real Madrid continued one of the best rivalries in the world yesterday in the first leg of the preseason Spanish SuperCup.  The two teams drew 2-2, but the highlight of the day was provided by David Villa’s sensational goal for Barca.  Supplementing said highlight is the commentary of GOLTV’s Ray Hudson.  For those of you that don’t know Ray Hudson, please check out this compilation.  He may be the most over the top announcer on the planet.  But Hudson’s excitable way with words has also gathered him something of a cult following.  The former Newcastle United player and MLS coach combines the vocabularial distinctiveness of Bill Walton with the enthusiasm of Gus Johnson on speed.  To tell you the truth, he needs to be featured at AA a lot more.  Just have a listen to the commentary on Villa’s goal and follow along with the transcript below…

“AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!  What an eye for goal David Villa has!  It would make the Cyclops jealous!  This is an astonishing strike… Messi with the start… he threads it through, but David Villa has it all to do here.”

“He curls it divinely!  That is absolutely magisterial finishing from David Villa!  Look at this!  World class.  Universally lauded as one of the greatest forwards in world football, we’ve just seen why.  This is a chandelier diamond of a goal.  A wonderful hit!  And it even surprises the lads on the bench.” 

Personally, I love it.  Who else could weave in Cyclops, magesterial, and chandelier diamond into one goal call?   

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