Funny or Die has done it again with one of the most outstanding videos on the internet this year.  Burgeoning comedic star Mike Tyson plays presidential candidate Herman Cain in this mock campaign ad.  Seriously, Iron Mike may have a career ahead of him in the field.  He’s certainly got the history of saying ridiculous things, starred in the Hangover, and even played a role in Charlie Sheen’s roast.  (Ironically, it looks like what Tyson needs most in this video is to hit the gym!)  There’s got to be an SNL hosting gig or at the very least a buddy comedy with Will Ferrell or Vince Vaughn in his future.  The hat/sunglasses combo, fake mustache, and glasses actually has me convinced that this is Herman Cain!  Aside from the lisp that is…

Now we just need to find a sports personality to play forgetful Rick Perry.  Tim McCarver, perhaps?

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