I absolutely love ESPN3, MLBTV, NBATV, etc. They give you access to games that aren’t on regular cable, and most contests are even in better quality than those through craptastic Comcast. How they charge 200 something dollars for NBATV, but can’t give you any of the game in HD is beyond me. Anyways, there’s also one extra fact that I enjoy about online games. Announcers have yet to figure out that everything they say is sent out over the airwaves, even when they’re in commercial break. Hence this find from the Slate during the MNF crew’s call of the Orange Bowl….

(?): “You owe me dinner, bro.”
Tirico: “Yep, no problem.” (coughing)
Gruden: “Go ahead Jaws, have another lozenge.”
Jaworski (celebratory): “God dang, I made it!”
Gruden: “My God, these are the longest games ever.”
Jaworski: “Holy cow.”
Tirico: “Wait ‘til Monday.”

Tirico is obviously referring to the BCS Championship Game, which the trio is calling, but it brings to question why ESPN continually puts pro crews on college games. When they first did it, I thought it was a great idea. Crews could get used to the players coming into the pro ranks, and analysts like Jaws and Gruden could comment on which players were ready and how each player’s game would translate. Buuuuuuut alas…..apparently they’re bored as shit. Experiment over, I guess.

My God, These Are The Longest Games Ever (Brow Beat)

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