This comes courtesy of our own Matt Clapp over at The Score featuring a huge game between Manhattan and Marist on Sunday that I know everyone saw in between the NHL All-Star Game and whatever that thing was being played in Hawaii.  Manhattan find themselves down 2 with 2 seconds left when Michael Alvarado lets it fly from more than half court and makes it to win the game.  But, we’re not concerned with that as much as we are with the call of the buzzer beater.  I can’t find the name of the play by play guy anywhere, so one of our readers will have to help us out in identifying who it is.  As Stewart Mandel of SI points out, this is an example of an anti-Gus call of a college buzzer beater.  That may be a little harsh as there is one excited “He’s got it!” but then a return to the depression of announcing two MAAC teams with a combined record of 8-37.  At least he’s much better than Chris Myers.  You make the call on this one, appropriate amount of excitement, or more apt to be calling Bingo Night at the senior citizen center…

***Update: Thanks to OccasionalAAReader who says it is Doug Sherman from Albany, NY and ESPN’s regional MAAC coverage.

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