The Roger Clemens Trial was kind of a big deal. It was such a big a deal in fact that the BBC across the pond decided to give it a go and provide some coverage of the trial. As a first step, they planned to have Ben Walker on, who writes about baseball for the Associated Press. This would seemingly be a good first step for a country that largely doesn’t care much about America’s pastime. Unfortunately for them, the BBC did not have Ben Walker. Instead, they had an imposter Ben Walker who looks to be communicating through Morse Code with his blinks and when he finally speaks he sounds like a folksier Tim Kurkjian. Luckily for all of us, Sportsgrid was there to provide video of their valiant attempt that ended in flames.

Of course the big news of the day was that the trial ended prematurely when the Government’s prosecutors ‘dun goofed’ causing a mistrial to be declared. Ever since Marv Albert recommended me to watch Franklin & Bash, I feel like I’m kind of an expert now at these lawyery things so that is probably the correct technical term. Most did not expect Clemens to fare well in this trial. Mostly because Brian McNamee was a major creeper and kept old syringes he probably injected on or near Clemens’ butt for years to use as evidence. Today’s result likely means that Clemens will never spend time in the clink. This is good for Clemens because he’s notoriously thin-skinned and would have probably been tormented by his fellow prisoners for his big head and his subpar 1993 season.