Ready for another twist in the Gus Johnson story?  The New York Daily News is reporting that Gus Johnson has not officially parted ways with CBS just yet.’s Richard Deitsch first reported this afternoon that Gus and CBS were finished and the announcer would be looking for a new network to call home.  In Lee Corso fashion, Bob Raissman of the New York Daily News says NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND!  Here’s the important part of their brief report

According to an industry source Johnson, whose CBS contract expired after the Final Four, received a written offer from Fox earlier this week. The offer includes both NFL and Pac-12 football play-by-play roles.

However Johnson’s reps have not presented the offer to CBS execs. When they do, probably next week, CBS will have one week to match or say adios to Johnson.

This story contradicts Deitsch’s original report that Gus and CBS had already parted ways.  Gus to Fox to broadcast their new college football and announce NFL is the most logical alternative to working at CBS.  At Fox, he would have to be no less than #2 in their middling stable of play by play announcers on the NFL side and likely the top college football personality.  Whether that deal is on the table before or after a resolution has occurred with CBS is now much less clear.  We are trying to follow this story as closely as we can and any new piece of information that we find, we will bring to AA.  Watch this space.

[NY Daily News]

***UPDATE II: Diane Pucin of the Los Angeles Times has this to add…

Two people familiar with the negotiations but not authorized to speak publicly said Johnson and CBS have so far been unable to agree on a new contract and that he now is in discussions with Fox. One of the sources said Johnson is discussing “a significant role” in Fox’s college football coverage, which has recently been expanded with the Pac-12 and Big 12.

The LA Times report does not mention a possible NFL role for Fox, does not say that Gus is necessarily “finished” at CBS, and leaves the negotiations open-ended and more ambiguous than the other reports we’ve seen thus far.  One thing I think is for sure, we’ll find out just how much Gus’ popularity with fans will carry over to network executives.  With Jim Nantz firmly placed at the top of CBS’ football and college basketball coverage, a move to Fox may provide Gus more opportunities at the top of the marquee, but leave him missing during March Madness.

***UPDATE III: We reached out to Fox for a comment, and this is what they had to say…

“Gus is a terrific talent, but we have nothing to announce at this time.”