Besides feeling awful for the children (think of the children!) whose lives were forever scarred by a demented pervert, I kind of feel bad for the same-named people in the world who have also had their family name somewhat tarnished. It happened in the Casey Anthony case and it’s happening with Baltimore Ravens’ radio announcer Gerry Sandusky, whose name is close enough that it made Dick Ebersol flinch after he introduced himself and it’s getting him some pretty nasty reactions from people who don’t know any better. And he’s not even Jerry with a J. 


Of course, his parents didn’t know that a high-profiled Jerry Sandusky was going to start showering with little boys, which is why you have to have some sympathy for the innocent people who unluckily come into sharing a name with a murderer or a pedophile. That’s the kind of misfortune parents who name their kids Hitler or Aryan Nation should wind up having.

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