The increasingly popular Michelle Beadle is reportedly dating one of her colleagues at ESPN – hockey analyst Matthew Barnaby.  Good for him, Beadle has been growing on me and actually made me watch a few seconds of SportsNation… then I had to turn it off because I saw Cowherd pollute my TV screen.  Evidently, some amateur genius gumshoe cracked the case by discovering on Twitter that both were in Buffalo for a youth hockey tournament.  According to The Big Lead

“Michelle Beadle, a rising star at ESPN, and Matthew Barnaby, a former NHL player who is a hockey analyst for ESPN, are dating. After a reader tipped us off to the budding ESPN romance earlier today, we asked Beadle if it was true. She confirmed they’ve been dating for six months and noted that ESPN was made aware of it in the Fall of 2010.”

Well, thank goodness they notified ESPN back in the Fall.  You know, because it’s not like Bristol has had any notable sex-related stories in recent memory like Steve Phillips, peeping producers, or the Deadspin files.  At least everything here with Beadle & Barnaby seems all nice and wholesome.  I can’t imagine ESPN wants any more news about relationships of any kind involving its staff or on-air personalities in the public domain considering the hammering they’ve taken in recent years… and considering the many shoes that will potentially drop in the near future – just wait till the book comes out.  Seriously, that book better have something on par with “you’re with me leather” or I’m going to be very disappointed.

Michelle Beadle & Matthew Barnaby: An ESPN Love Connection – The Big Lead

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