With March Madness comes a great opportunity for a new Create the Caption.  Last time, we featured the one and only Charlie Sheen, back when he was actually a big deal.  The winner was ismusbe with, “When I need that 3’oclock afternoon pick me up on my 7th day of coke binging, I turn to kookoo for cocoa milk! Keeps my tiger blood pumping..its Grrrrrreat!”  Thanks for participating!  Today’s CtC comes from the best upset of yesterday and Morehead State’s victory over Louisville.  Lots of fun places to go with this one.  The picture comes from Deadspin


Links of Madness 

The first night of the tournament was a great success for the NCAA and the quadrilateral of networks that televised them.  They had their best ratings in 20 years.  [Washington Examiner]

The pilot of Mark Schlereth’s TV show is out.  Again, this looks like a reaaaaaal winner.  [Deadspin

In other horrifying TV news.  Damon Wayans will play Cowherd’s character in his sitcom.  Maybe that’s a convenient way to step around the racist things Cowherd said about John Wall.  [Yahoo

This lockout stuff is serious – Ocho is trying out for an MLS team [KC Star] and Donovan McNabb is moonlighting as a college basketball analyst.  [DC Sports Bog]

MLS’ season opener was way up in the ratings department.  In other news, look for an AA Q&A with the top soccer blogger on the web coming up very soon.  [SMW]

Finally, here’s a nice feature on Celtics broadcasters Mike Gorman and Tommy Heinsohn celebrating their 30 years in the booth together.  We had the privilege of talking to Mike this week in a great interview.  [Boston Globe]

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