*Since this was posted on Friday evening, we are moving our podcast with Bruce Feldman back to the top of AA so more of our audience will be able easily access the interview.  If you haven’t had a chance to listen yet, you’ll definitely want to check it out to get the full story from Bruce on his move from ESPN to CBS and #FreeBruce.

After being at the center of the biggest sports media story this year, Bruce Feldman broke his six week Twitter silence announcing his move from ESPN to CBS at the beginning of September.  You can now read his work at the new “Free Bruce” CBS blog.  The controversy regarding his “suspension” by ESPN was the talk of the sports media this summer and created a mini-Twitter revolution with the #FreeBruce hashtag trending worldwide.  In this interview, Bruce candidly speaks with AA about..

-What exactly happened between he and ESPN executives and their decision to discipline him. 
-His reaction to #FreeBruce and ESPN’s statements. 
-Thoughts on the Poynter Institute as “ESPN ombudsman.” 
-His Twitter silence and the decision to speak out about what happened at ESPN. 
-The opportunities and challenges ahead at CBS. 
-Working on television with the CBS Sports Network.

We hear straight from Bruce Feldman himself on these topics and many others.  After writing and investing so much in #FreeBruce and the impact of the story throughout the last two months, this is the one podcast that I’ve personally been anticipating.  A big thanks to Bruce and the folks at CBSSports.com for the effort to put together this podcast.  If you have followed Bruce’s story throughout the last two months, this is the one interview you will want to hear.

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