One of the many perks working at ESPN seems to be an increased chance that you’ll get to star in a commercial. From ESPN’s famous “This is Sportscenter” ads to the likes of Dicky V (Taco Bell/Hooters), Lou Holtz (Capital One), Chris Berman (Applebees),  Jay Bilas (KFC), Dan Patrick (TGI Fridays) and Lee Corso (Hooters), starring in your own commercial seems to be a right of passage of a marquee ESPN personality.

Unfortunately though most of the sports mentioned above have been….what’s the word I am looking for…….AWFUL. In fact CBS and ESPN actually pulled the Hooters ads and they seem to have disappeared from the internet entirely. 

While this spot for the upcoming Under Armor All American Game is unlikely to win a Cleo, its good to see Ditka dawning his old school look and diving into an unadulterated rant. And for those of you interested, the AA crew is looking to bag some endorsement deals of our own in 2011. We’ll peddle anything so feel free to drop us a line in the comments or you could just name your favorite commercials featuring ESPN talent (meaning Tough Acting Tinactin and Flo TV will have its day another day).


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