The return of football undoubtedly brings us more Chris Berman, but he’s also bringing some lip-fur (and maybe leather) with him this year. And everybody’s talking about it. Berman appeared on-air the other night sporting a mean looking mustache that makes vintage Mike Ditka’s pale in comparison. Our reporters are working around the clock to find out exactly why he’s bringing it back, but we’re comfortable speculating that he’s trying to reinvent the Reynolds or he’s subliminally auditioning for a different kind of “Fastest 3 Minutes.”
As you should know, this isn’t Berman’s first rodeo in dishing out exciting highlights along with the option of a thrilling mustache ride. Berman did say that the ‘stache is his version of the Ron Burgundy, which can only mean that he’s calling his hand gestures the Ricky Bobby.

Chris Berman Rocking The Mustache (Larry Brown Sports)

Big Thanks to Larry Brown Sports for the image, too.

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