Here are your week two winners and new standings. Dave Pasch one by one vote, but there are some candidates jumping out to early leads….

Your Week Two Pammy Nominees

10. “Clark took it right in the moustache.” – Rece Davis

9. “Maybe you and I should be calling this game.”- Matt Millen

8. “Balls are flying all over the place.”- Dave Neal

7. “You’ve got to get your eyes around and see what’s coming in your face.” – Todd Blackledge

6. “We’ve seen every part of the Dan LeFevour package.” – Todd McShay

5. “Special word: elusivity.” – Pam Ward
“Is that a word” – Ray Bentley
“It is now.” – Pam Ward

4. “Todd Marijuanavich…er…Marivich.”- Chris Fowler

3. “I gotta think that the USC Trojans are going to eat that one out.”- Ray Bentley

2. “You can go up in there with it two or three times, then you gotta pull it out.” – Sonny Randle

1. “Al Toon, who had his football career cut short because of multiple concussions, hopes his son follows in his footsteps.”- Dave Pasch

Standings After Week One: 1. Pam Ward (16) 2. Dave Pasch (10), 3. Rod Gilmore (9), Sonny Randle (9) 5. Matt Devlin (8), Ray Bentley (8) 7. Kirk Herbstreit (7), Chris Fowler (7), Mark Jones (7), 10. Chris Spielman (6),

Others Receiving Votes: Bob Davie (5), Todd McShay (5), Todd Blackledge (4), Dave Neal (3), Petros Papadakis (2), Matt Millen (2) Brad Nessler (1), Rece Davis (1)