I hope HBO doesn’t mind me sharing some of the highlights from last night’s debut of “Joe Buck Live”, but honestly I’m doing them a favor. I don’t know why for the life of me I thought that Favre would provide something interesting, but it was really 20+ minutes of nothing. That wasn’t Joe Buck’s fault in the least, but Favre was a waste of time. Well, outside of Favre cursing halfway through the interview.

The rest of the show was pretty entertaining though. Buck had dinner with David Wright, talked celebrity with Ocho Cinco and Michael Irvin, did a piece on “The Smoking Gun”, and then brought the funneh with Artie Lange and High School buddy Paul Rudd, bringing the funneh. In fact, Lange might have stole the show with his takedown of Buck in the last segment. I warn you not to be taking a sip of something when Lange is speaking. Here are the highlights and beware of some NSFW language….


Wow….just wow. Hearing someone hint that Joe Buck “sucks c**k”, has to be one of the greatest moments on this site. As far as the show….it was a bit hit and miss. Buck did a great job asking questions, wasn’t overly smug and even cracked a few good jokes now and then. And while I think the format is spot on, and the fact that the show is a quarterly program gives the producers time to set the show up with some great guests, it’s a little bit scattered. The theme was supposed to do with Sports and Celebrity, but none of the panelists touched on that at all.

Two quick suggestions and then I’m done….1) Get rid of the cheesy telescope bits. Not funny. 2) Keep the panels to two guests. With three, someone always gets left out (See: Sudeikis, Jason).

It certainly wasn’t a bad first show, but definitely needs to be tightened up. Oh and for those of you who want to see the whole Artie Lange segment, complete with jokes about Jack Buck, here ya go!


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